Tour Fitting Experiences

Have you ever wondered what it is like to get fit for clubs on the PGA Tour? PGA Tour vans have everything they need to build a complete set of custom golf clubs to each tour pro’s exact specifications to help them optimize their game. The Tour Van now brings the same fitting experience to you, providing club fitting in Portland, Oregon.

The Tour Van club fitting method is to fit the golfer by listening to their goals, evaluating what they need, and delivering the proper equipment to execute the desired ball flight. This method built on a foundation of insights and experience working with golfers that have won everything from Club Championships to Major Championships. Unlike many other fitting facilities, our reliance on on TrackMan™ data is minimal, however we do utilize this technology for nearly every fitting experience, especially as a form of validation when necessary.

The Tour Van offers an extensive menu of tour quality equipment, golf club repair and golf club fitting in Portland, Oregon. Our unique fitting matrix allows independent testing of variables for all clubs throughout the bag. For example, we can test a single shaft with multiple club heads from different manufacturers or a single club head with multiple shafts. In total, The Tour Van’s fitting matrix can create over 15,000 different fitting clubs. The Tour Van uses PGA Tour quality equipment to build custom golf clubs on site while incorporating the same principles, strategies and techniques as club builders on the PGA Tour.

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Bag Evaluation

During the bag evaluation experience, we will perform a diagnostic evaluation of the player’s current equipment. We will capture data utilizing TrackMan™ technology while incorporating turf and ball flight interaction. Once the evaluation process is completed, any necessary loft and lie adjustments to the clubs will be made. The bag evaluation will create a baseline for the player; they will now know how to handle any necessary club maintenance or equipment improvements going forward.

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Driver Fitting

Utilizing TrackMan™ captured data we will independently fit a series of driver heads and shafts resulting in a properly fit golf club. The Tour Van uses a universal fitting system developed by Club Conex called UNI-FIT™.  This multi-tip universal system allows us to create an extensive shaft fitting matrix which is adaptable with nearly every major club manufacturer.  During this holistic and strategic process, we will evaluate loft, club head properties, shaft type, shaft flex, shaft lengths and grip to find the proper match.

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Iron Fitting

We use a holistic and strategic process evaluating loft, lie, club head, shaft type, shaft flex, shaft length, and grip. We will properly fit both iron heads and shafts using a universal fitting system powered by an extensive shaft fitting matrix that is adaptable with nearly every major iron manufacturer.

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Wedge Fitting

TrackMan™ captured data will determine any yardage gapping issues from full swing shots to the occasional off-speed shot. We will evaluate how the club head interacts with the turf, adjusting any lofts and lies as needed. Shorter shots will be evaluated around the greens while testing various lofts, bounces and sole grinds to find the proper fit. Often a slight sole grind on lofted wedges can really help move the club more efficiently through the turf.

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Loft & Lie Fitting

Through observing the player’s use of their own equipment, we will evaluate how the club head interacts with the turf. We will make any loft and lie adjustments as needed, resulting in a more consistent contact with the ball.

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Putter Fitting

Through observing the player’s use of their own equipment, we will evaluate the putter loft, lie, length and weight. We will make any loft and lie adjustment as needed, resulting in a more consistent roll and producing more putts made.

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TrackMan™ Rental

The TrackMan™ Rental allow anyone to capture, study and save their own golf club and swing data. By downloading the free TrackMan™ app the player work on golf swing mechanics, study their own launch, spin and speed data as well as understanding how far the player hits each club. The rental also comes with a brief tutorial on how to work the TrackMan™ software, check out to learn more.

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“When it came to working on my equipment with Nike, Ben was one of those guys I could always trust to do what was best for my game. Whether it was working on the bounce for my wedges or dialing in a 3-wood, his technical expertise and service provided me the confidence I needed in my clubs to perform. Anyone looking to enhance their game will benefit from working on their equipment with Ben.”

RORY MCILROY • 4 Time Major Champion • Ryder Cup Member

“Ben has made me a not only a better player, but a more educated player regarding my equipment.  My time with Ben was always fun and informative. I believe that’s why he is the best club builder out there- perfect to be my club builder, your club builder, our club builder.”

KEVIN CHAPPELL • and PGA Tour Winner
“Ben Giunta is one of the top club fitters I have met while working on the PGA Tour for the last 10 years. His knowledge of golf equipment is second to none and he did a wonderful job supporting the equipment needs of all of the NIKE athletes on the PGA Tour. Ben is the consummate professional and if his skills were appreciated by the best players in the world imagine what he can do for your game.”
SEAN FOLEY • Top 50 Best Teachers

“The PGA Tour is going to really miss a great technician like Ben Giunta. Ben has the respect of not only Nike players but a number of players that represent other golf equipment companies. Ben is a true gentleman that will bring the same professionalism to the custom fitting of equipment for amateur players of all skill levels. The only way to buy clubs is to buy properly made clubs that match the person being fitted. I can’t think of a better person to do that job than Ben.”

RANDY SMITH • Top 50 Best Teachers

“The most important thing in golf equipment is having somebody that truly understand how clubs work and how that could be beneficial to you. Ben was that person for me in all my years on the PGA Tour and a big factor every year on getting my equipment right to perform at the highest level. If I trusted him to work on my clubs, you should too.”

JHONATTAN VEGAS • 2 Time PGA Tour Winner

Trusted Partners

The Tour Van partners with the top golf manufacturers to ensure that the right combination is available to build customized clubs to your specific needs. The Tour Van’s fitting matrix can create over 15,000 different fitting clubs.
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